We All Shine On


John Lennon: Beatle, fellow Libra and badass. Engage musical time travel! Instant Karma.

I’m sorry to say but I wish I could break up with Philly. And this is how I wish I could do it.

People tend to find in books what they want to find. J.K. Rowling and other famous authors talk about book banning.

This watch would look really good on me. Don’t you think?

Cool infographic that I like to revisit.  Any reader of this blog should be familiar with this information.

Black boots make me happy. It’s ridiculous. But they’re so awesome.

Mental Floss keeps me on my toes. When was the last time you thought about maps?


This weekend: Let’s treat ourselves to something small…like a chocolate cake. :)

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One Response to “We All Shine On”

  • Jenn

    That would be a cool way to break up with Philly, but, stop fighting it.. No matter where you go, you will always be a Philly girl!

    Buy cheaper black boots (so you can buy more!!).

    The maps are interesting.

    And I’m all for the chocolate cake :)

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